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Technology for the Environment

Supporting outcomes in environmental regulation and monitoring

We are proud to support key public agencies as they face unprecedented challenges managing our environment and natural resources for a better tomorrow. Technology can support the meaningful change required.

We’ve got the domain experience, technical skills and awareness of the stakeholder landscape to help our public agencies protect Aotearoa’s resources for future generations.
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Environmental Data
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Technology for the Environment Partners

We have partnered with a diverse set of public and community bodies to help tackle everything from water quality issues to sourcing industrial odours.

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Our Experience

  • Regulatory & Environmental Domain Knowledge

    We are experts in supporting the digitalisation of Aotearoa’s regulatory and environmental management systems.

    Leveraging our experience and awareness of the stakeholder landscape we help connect decision-makers with the data they need to take informed action to protect our precious natural resources.

  • Data Management

    Data will help us organise to create measurably better outcomes for our land. Implicit is the need to leverage legacy data, as well as design for the change we know is inevitable to protect and maintain this asset for the future.

    We have experience conforming with national standards and regulations, and have a depth of expertise around data migrations, integrity and standards.

  • Experience Supporting Decision-Makers

    Our expertise and domain knowledge has enabled us to provide design advice on how legislative reforms and regulatory changes can be implemented in a digital world. We can help you to drive behaviour change through empathetic design.

    Do you have a complex stakeholder environment? No problem, that’s exactly the type of problem we love to dive in and help.

Environmental Data
Our Approach

Invite an expert partner to collaborate with you as you seek to bring the change required to manage our environment and natural resources for a better tomorrow.

Find out more about Our Approach

Partner with Experts in Environmental Data

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