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Design and Research

Where science and creativity meets to champion user experience

It all starts with empathy. Place humans at the heart of your digital experience with a design team renowned for tackling complex problems. Analysis, insight and iteration ensure your digital product drives the outcomes you seek.

UX design and research packages

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User Interface and User Experience Design

Explore and uncover insights about your end users with prototyping user journey mapping that informs design.

Our experienced UX designers immerse themselves in your users’ journeys, drawing on empathy and insight to shape user-centric product experiences and craft seamless intuitive interfaces.

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Business Analysis

Benefit from the analytical minds and healthy pragmatism of experienced business analysts who go far beyond requirements gathering to help you validate your vision.

Our analysts are the bridge between finding the right technology solutions not just for your business, but for your end users too.

Group discussion

Service Design

Work with us to map, organise, and shape your digital services to optimise user experiences for your customers.

We can work with you at a strategic level to develop a shared understanding of problems and opportunities, or work closely within delivery teams to help deliver value to end users.

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Inclusive Design

MadeCurious places a strong emphasis on accessibility to ensure your digital products can be used by anyone. Accessibility is a fundamental issue of inclusion and we meet that with a commitment to ongoing improvement of our capabilities in Accessibility Design.

We can confidently help you build products that meet the NZ Government Web Standards, as well as the W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)

Information architecture diagram

Information Architecture

Ensure your digital product rests on simplicity with expertly designed information architecture that presents content in harmony with user experience.

We are adept at designing for optimal content organisation, representation, navigation and search for multiple user groups with competing goals.

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Double Diamond: Our process expands to capture detail before narrowing on a shared understanding
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Let's Champion the User Experience

Media Suite
is now

All things change, and we change with them. But we're still here to help you build the right thing.

If you came looking for Media Suite, you've found us, we are now MadeCurious.

Media Suite MadeCurious.