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Transport and Traveller Information

Visibility for transport and traveller information

Supporting better planning decisions, connecting road users with critical information and transforming how on-road activities like corridor access requests and road closures are handled.

We have a long history supporting this sector by bringing geospatial data, user insights and system design thinking to play with our software engineering capabilities.
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Environmental Data

Rapid Prototyping Through to Delivery

When the unexpected happens - like the Christchurch and Kaikōura earthquakes - we need to be able to respond quickly to emergent needs with solutions that work.

We utilised our domain experience and expertise in rapid prototyping and delivery of technical solutions to collaborate with Christchurch City Council, Waka Kotahi and North Canterbury Transport Infrastructure Recovery (NCTIR) following the earthquakes to swiftly introduce solutions that solved real world problems.

Digital transformation
Transport & Traveller Information Partners

As pioneers of transport visualisation technology, we've had a nationwide impact.

Partners MadeCurious has worked with on transport and traveller information projects: Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency,

Our Experience

  • Transport Domain Experience

    For over 10 years we have been collaborating across the transport sector from regulators, industry and communities to build our domain expertise.

    We’ve enabled visibility on roadworks planning, detour management and helped to keep New Zealand moving through natural disasters.

  • UX Champions

    We love untangling complex user journeys. Not often do they get more complex than communicating roading impacts to travellers in order to influence behaviour change on our roads or helping users navigate regulatory requirements.

    We champion UX to bridge the gap between regulation and process, intuitively guiding users to enable the right outcomes.

  • myWorksites

    myWorksites is the outcome of a long-term collaboration with a number of our public sector partners. A tool for managing the application to implementation cycle for corridor access requests (CARs), works access permits (WAPs) and approval of traffic management plans (TMPs), myWorksites is used by New Zealand’s largest Road Controlling Authorities and has in excess of 11,000 active users.

    The vision for the platform is a single network, single view, systemwide solution for all of New Zealand. From regulators, to contractors, to the general public using the transport corridors, each and every user can benefit from holistic and informed decision-making enabled by systemwide transparency.

    Find out more about myWorksites

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Gain Visibility for Transport & Traveller Information

Case Studies

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