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Our Approach

Build the Right Thing

We work at the intersection of people and technology to design and deliver digital products and systems with real world impact.

We are relentlessly focused on helping our partners to Build the Right Thing. We know that success is a team effort, built on a shared vision and commitment to delivering on outcomes. That’s why we don’t just have customers, we build genuine digital partnerships. 

Whatever we’re working on, whether it’s custom software development, web or mobile development or UX design and research, we put humans at the heart of our thinking. We seek to be highly adaptive and flexible, so we can continuously learn and incorporate change.
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Genuine Digital Partnership

We prioritise collaboration and communication. We work closely with you to ensure transparency and alignment throughout delivery and beyond. We know that long lasting partnerships are founded on transparency, trust and open communication. 


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People First

Excellent digital experiences and digital systems are built by curious minds. 

Our software development processes are built upon a range of human-centred design principles to ensure that user experience is a primary consideration at all times. We aim to reduce barriers to adoption, increase engagement, and streamline future change initiatives. 

Our team of passionate thinkers and crafters include collaboration and facilitation experts, UI/UX designers, software engineers, and technical consultants. We take pride in crafting beautiful, usable, powerful digital products that enable change. 

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Every Project & Partner is Unique

So we tailor our approach to meet your unique context and goals. You can count on us to take stock of your in-house capabilities and needs and shape our services to amplify your skills and insights. We can assemble teams or provide high-impact experts based on what you truly need. 

We stay flexible over the long term, scaling our resources as needed to ensure efficient and cost-effective delivery.

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Anticipate Change

Change management is not a service we provide; it is part of how we do business. 

We know you will have more great ideas than you can fit in your product backlog. You’ll keep having those ideas throughout your software product’s life cycle. That’s why we plan, prioritise and adapt all the time. 

We develop software products in short cycles, meeting with you regularly to review working software, ask questions and adjust our plans. This iterative process gives us the freedom to learn, adapt, respond to new information - and Build the Right Thing.

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Pragmatic Agility

Our software engineering teams embrace agile ways of working, tempered with real-world pragmatism. 

We seek to be highly adaptive and flexible, so that we can continually deliver improvements, de-risk projects with ongoing delivery, and be highly responsive to what we learn throughout our engagement.


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All things change, and we change with them. But we're still here to help you build the right thing.

If you came looking for Media Suite, you've found us, we are now MadeCurious.

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