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UX Design Packages and Training

Unlock product-led growth with expert UX services packaged to your needs
Demystifying UX for New Zealand Tech Innovators

Great UX is key to any product-led growth strategy. You need your platform to spread positive word of mouth, grow market share and reduce customer churn - and UX is the essential discipline for achieving that.

Despite this, UX remains a struggle for many businesses. It becomes an afterthought when your team are spinning up and wearing multiple hats, but that just means you’ll be paying the price for fixing UX issues later down the track when you need to be fighting other fires.

We’ve designed our UX packages and training opportunities to be nimble, high-value/low-demand services that fit the fast pace and agile learning environment of tech innovators.

Designed and delivered by MadeCurious Creative Director Andrew Pitts and UX Designer Marjolein Visser

  • 25 years

    Combined experience

  • Online / in-person

    Based in Chch, available NZ-wide

  • Public sector experience

    Best practice design thinking

Why UX is so important


The ROI on UX design*


Potential conversion rate impact from great UX design**


Customers who say the overall experience is as important as the product***

  • Three Benefits

    1. Increase conversions and customer loyalty
    2. Reduce customer churn
    3. Develop a key cornerstone of your platform growth strategy
  • Three Features

    1. Modular components you can mix and match
    2. Fast, no-nonsense access to expert UX consultants
    3. Easy to understand reports and workshop artefacts

Packages for UX Research

People pay more for better experiences. But to get an edge you need to first gain a great understanding of your end users.

Choose a component or save on the complete package.
  • $2,500+GST

    UX assessment report

    Get actionable feedback in a no-nonsense expert report

    • Uncover UX pain points
    • Improve conversion rates
    • Save on future development costs
    • Gain competitive advantage

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  • $5,000+GST

    Accessibility review

    Meet best practice, retain more customers

    • Futureproof legal compliance
    • Meet WCAG guidelines
    • Improve SEO
    • Reap commercial benefits

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  • $5,000+GST

    Org exploration workshops

    Align around an accelerated understanding of your users

    • Identify key user groups
    • Surface unique challenges
    • Identify powerful solutions
    • Make better decisions on smarter insights

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  • $10,000+GST

    Market research interviews

    Leverage premium insights directly from your end users

    • Validate key assumptions
    • Discover pivotal knowledge
    • Benefit from 5 x expert interviews
    • Get the evidence you need

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  • $10,000+GST

    In-depth usability testing

    Gain the ultimate insights for long-term strategic calls

    • Surface pain points early
    • Collaborate on test design
    • Benefit from 5 x expert tests
    • Get in-depth analysis

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  • Save 15%

    Complete UX Research package


    Terms and conditions apply to all packages

Unlock the Power of UX Research

Industry Leading UI Design

You have a good understanding of your users. You now just need to turn that knowledge into value. Leverage 25 year’s of industry experience to make sure your application user interfaces are optimised to delight, convert, and retain.
  • $3,500+GST

    Interactive Prototype

    Digital prototyping for developing and validating ideas

    • Complements usability testing
    • Builds on Figma designs


    • Consultation to confirm
    • scenario workflows
    • Figma file inc.
    • Interactive Figma Prototype

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  • $15,000+GST

    Tailwind UI

    UI design for existing products from a Senior UI Designer

    • Consultation and guidance
    • Collaborative, transparent process


    • Figma file inc. Tailwind components
    • State + responsive design elements

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  • POA

    Design System

    Give structure to junior designers working on existing products

    • Ensure design/function consistency
    • Empower non-designers


    • Figma file inc. design system
    • Responsive components + layouts
    • Example layouts for non-designers
    • Training on design system use 

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Delight, Convert and Retain with Cutting-edge UI Design

UX training for every team

Build your company’s internal UX capabilities with online or in-person team training from experts in the field.

Minimum of 2 participants
  • $500+GST

    Figma Basics

    1.5h beginner session for those new to Figma

    • Learn the basics of Figma
    • Hands-on interactive learning
    • Each participant learns on their own
    • Figma file space
    • Two tutors available for larger groups

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  • $500+GST

    Figma Components

    1.5h intermediate session for those familiar with Figma

    • Learn how to use Figma components
    • Hands-on interactive learning
    • Each participant learns on their own
    • Figma file space
    • Two tutors available for larger groups

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  • $500+GST

    Figma Prototyping

    1.5h advanced session for those familiar with Figma

    • Learn to turn components into prototypes
    • Hands-on interactive learning
    • Each participant learns on their own
    • Figma file space
    • Two tutors available for larger groups

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  • Save 15%

    Complete UX Training Package

Build Internal UX Capabilities


  • What is UX design?

    UX design is the craft of developing human-centred online experiences that delight customers, keeping them loyal to a platform and coming back for more. It is a proven commercial discipline validated by multiple organisations as a key element in the growth success of self-service digital platforms the world over.

  • Who are the UX packages for?

    New Zealand tech innovators at various stages of product or platform maturity. You might have an idea you need validating, an existing app or website of varying complexity requiring fresh UX eyes, or a mature platform needing to reconnect with its end users.

  • Who are the training courses for?

    Anyone. You might be a graphic designer tasked with UX work by your employer or a CTO wanting to stay informed and ahead of the game. You might also be a team, looking to get to grips with the fast-paced world of UX to grow your company’s in-house capabilities. All are welcome and any level of experience and education can be catered for.

  • Who is delivering the work / running the courses?

    Andrew Pitts - Creative Director, MadeCurious - offers more than 22 year’s experience working with a vast range of businesses and public sector bodies to solve complex UX problems.

    Marjolein Visser - UI/UX Designer, MadeCurious | Mentor, ADPList - combines her graphic design experience at creative agencies in her native Netherlands with 6 years working in UX to offer a multi-faceted approach to visual design.

  • More about our stats

    * 9,900% ROI on UX design -

    ** 400% Potential conversion rate impact from great UX design -

    *** 84% of customers who say the overall experience is as important as the product -

Terms and conditions

  • The pricing may vary depending on the number of customer journeys, the complexity of the current experiences and/or site, and the complexity of the user research, usability testing, and/or accessibility assessment required.

    The number of people per training session/workshop must be more than two and no more than six; prices may vary should attendee numbers sit outside of this range. Get in touch, and we can send you a proposal based on your needs.

    We reserve the right to decline our services for any reason.


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