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Product Development

Helping innovators bring their digital product to life

We design and deliver software products that bring value from day one, while being flexible enough to adapt for tomorrow.

We'll work with you to understand your product vision, business goals and existing capabilities deeply, then assemble the right team to deliver on your outcomes. We’re experts at understanding novel problem spaces and providing technical expertise with solutions that can maximise your product opportunity.

Whether you need software developed and delivered, or a broad base of technical expertise wrapped around your digital product over the long-term, we tailor our teams and ways of working to meet your specific context.
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Product Development Partners

We've worked with a wide variety of organisations in the public and private sectors to develop digital products fitted to their end users unique needs.

Partners MadeCurious has developed products for: AsureQuality / Kaitiaki Kai, Companion Animals NZ, Manaaki Whenua / Lndcare Research, Stats NZ / Tataauranga Aotearoa, Waka Kotahi / NZ Transport Agency

Our Experience

  • Best Practice UX

    We champion best practice UX and we’re always honing our craft. Creating user-centric product experiences and seamlessly intuitive interfaces is essential for successful product design.

    Best practice is also about delivering value, so we bring healthy pragmatism, ensuring our advise will also deliver the right outcomes, at the right price.

  • Unique Contexts

    We understand that your context is unique and your digital product must deliver your product vision - no more, no less.

    We specialise in helping you focus on the right things at the right time so that you can set yourself apart in the marketplace.

    We're meticulous about building software that's secure, stable, maintainable and extendable to serve your customers now and in the future.

  • Flexibility by Design

    Every context is different, so we offer an unusual level of flexibility.

    Whether you’re looking for a technology partner that can build and support your products, in need of a reliable software delivery team to meet a major milestone, or require specialist consultancy services. We can help bring your product vision to life.

david lloyd

Not Just a Typical Vendor Relationship

Companion Animals NZ was looking for a real partnership for developing the new Animal Register, not just a typical vendor relationship. We found that partner in MadeCurious. MadeCurious really understands our world and there has been a real collaborative effort to improve the solution over time.

David Lloyd - Companion Animals NZ General Manager

Our Approach

Let's build the right thing together. At MadeCurious, we're all about forming strong, long-lasting partnerships with our customers. We bring our expertise to the table and combine it with yours to co-create, maintain, and enhance digital products and services that make a positive impact in the real world.

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All things change, and we change with them. But we're still here to help you build the right thing.

If you came looking for Media Suite, you've found us, we are now MadeCurious.

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