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Application Framework

Your springboard for improving environmental outcomes

Enable rapid and scalable development of your environmental management software with an Application Framework that gives you the functionality and flexibility required to support real world change.

Technology has a critical role to play to support kaitiakitanga/stewardship of the land. Our Application Framework and software development processes enable us to deliver high-quality applications fast, while providing our partners with the flexibility that other solutions do not.


  • Digitising Environmental Management

    The framework is built on insights from multiple environmental regulation and monitoring projects.                                        

    We’ve identified recurring pain points and provide out-of-the box solutions that allow you to avoid reinventing the wheel, and focus on the job to be done.

  • Solid Foundations

    Utilising proven technologies that have been carefully selected to support the digitisation of Aotearoa’s environmental and regulatory management systems.

    The solid foundations of our Application Framework enables us to rapidly get solutions up and running, sooner and safer.

  • Tried & Tested

    The framework has been deployed, supported, and enhanced over multiple public sector engagements requiring environmental management of land, water, and other natural resources.

  • Advanced GIS Mapping

    Easily integrate with powerful spatial datasets to quickly gain context about the land and environment - making your decision makers more effective and supporting resolutions on the land.

  • Best Practice UX

    The Application Framework’s user interface delivers a simple and accessible experience for search, GIS, and advanced user management, which can be further developed with minimal effort.

  • Security & Support

    The framework has undergone extensive security and penetration testing by independent specialists, ensuring it consistently meets industry best practice standards.

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Developing with the Application Framework

The key to the Application Framework’s impact is modularity with adaptability and extendability. Our software developers can look at your requirements and extract ready-made modules for high-use features such as user authentication and pdf downloads instead of creating them from scratch.

We can quickly adapt the front-end user interface to reflect your brand, getting you to a key milestone quickly and more cost effectively than most alternative solutions. This frees you up to focus on your unique requirements.

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MadeCurious has helped us to deliver a digital sediment reduction planning tool that fits our programme context. It provides both structure and flexibility to our workflows, and can be refined over time.

Stephanie Versteeg - Amo-Rautaki Pākihi | Strategic Business Partner KMR

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