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Application Framework

A springboard for reducing customer friction

MCAF (MadeCurious. Application Framework) is our curated set of technologies that allows us to rapidly build and scale, human-centered solutions without compromising on user experience.

It is ideally suited for organisations that place importance on user experience, have spatial or other complex data types, have multi-stakeholder workflows and data access requirements, or are under pressure to deliver a robust product quickly.

MCAF is used to deliver a range of solutions including Customer Portals, Grant & funding applications, Workforce mobilisation, Laboratory test results tracking, Assurance and Accreditation Programs, Resource Consenting, Collection of environmental and monitoring data, and Water use accounting.


  • Flexible Workflows & Automation to suit your process

    You no longer need to have your practices dictated by rigid software. Configurable workflows mean your digital tools follow your best practices.

    Workflow automation and smart notifications allow you to reduce repetitive or manual efforts by automating tasks that free your team to focus on higher-value work.

  • Heavy lifting done for you

    API’s and front-end code are automatically generated via configuration. This allows us to quickly deploy large parts (up to 80% of your app) without writing any code.

  • Built to Government Standards

    The framework has its origins in delivering regulatory solutions for the New Zealand Government and is architected and supported in a way that makes it straightforward to comply with government guidance and legislation including security, privacy, web standards, accessibility, data retention, and data sovereignty.

  • Spatial Data is a native citizen

    A range of spatial data collection and query tools allow us to collect, slice, compute, and query spatial data right within the framework just as you do with other data types. There is no need to rely on external GIS infrastructure to run your MCAF solution. The framework allows for interoperability with GIS systems via open standards so you can view, manage, and query your data both within your solution and within your enterprise GIS tools.

  • Best Practice UX

    The Application Framework’s default user interfaces deliver a simple and accessible experience for users even while performing complex tasks. Interface components can be overridden to accommodate unique or frictionless workflows.

  • Security & Support

    The framework has undergone extensive security and penetration testing by independent specialists, ensuring it consistently meets industry best practice standards. Our managed service plans provide full support including managed hosting, application monitoring, patches, upgrades, and ongoing product support. 


Developing with the Application Framework

The key to the Application Framework’s impact is its modular design and flexibility to adapt or extend existing modules and functionality. 

After out-of-the-box configuration developers get a fully functioning app complete with ready-to-use interfaces, API's, and portals. On day one MCAF solutions are 80% complete so that your resources can be used to configure the truly unique aspects of your product and integrate it into your wider business systems. 

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MadeCurious has helped us to deliver a digital sediment reduction planning tool that fits our programme context. It provides both structure and flexibility to our workflows, and can be refined over time.

Stephanie Versteeg - Amo-Rautaki Pākihi | Strategic Business Partner KMR

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