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Geometric-patterned wallpaper, in red, orange, grey, white, black hues

New Office Feels

Media Suite has slick new digs complete with loud wallpaper, sit-stand desks and executive conference room chairs.

Media Suite is officially moved in. The wallpaper is striking (and divisive), the kitchen is fancy, and the desks go up and down with buttons. Life is good.

View through wooden screening and windows over a carpark to the water
The view from our desks out to the water.

Many of our clients and avid social media followers (mainly our mums – our fiercest fans) will know that we’ve been working on a new office space for . . . a very long time. Since October. The time has finally come and we all moved in! Ahead of time, I might add (smugly).

View along the corridor of an office, small reception space in the foreground.
Our reception space near the front door.

This post is just a quick look through the new space. More on how and why we designed it the way we did, some other time.

The move itself is no great distance. We’ve gone from one end of our building at 21 Humphreys Drive, to the other. The new space is much bigger, and better suited to our growing needs. It even has heatpumps, which I am especially excited about.

View over long table, three lights hanging above it. A Screen is on the wall at the end of the table and there is bright coloured wallpaper on the wall to the right
We have a TV in the kitchen for our weekly Learning Lunch sessions.

The new office features:

  • A proper reception space for clients with some lovely chairs and couches – painstakingly picked.
  • A slick conference room with grown up swively chairs that look like we should be engaged in tax accountancy or Matters of State.
  • A full kitchen with a proper pantry, a table that all staff can sit at at once, a tap that changes colour with the water temperature, and, most significantly, a corner specifically designed to house our beloved coffee machine.
  • Three smaller rooms for private phone calls and secret meetings. Well, the meetings aren’t super secret because the walls are made of glass, but with the right disguise and plenty of tape and newspaper, they could definitely be secret.
  • A second conference room, dubbed, the Green Room, for more informal video conferencing.
  • Two rows of full automation sit-stand desks.
  • Video conferencing technology to enhance our meetings with clients and remote employees.
View of an office corridor with windows to the left and timber screening to the right
The pine slats divide work space from public space.

Two of our greatest design achievements include the impressive and beautiful pine slat wall created by Foster Building Solutions (our main build contractor). The slats are made from dressed pine, and screwed into a half-height black wall.

A view of an office corridor, with windows at the end of it, and timber screening to the left.

They serve to provide privacy for staff working adjacent to the reception space, without compromising the beautiful view we have of the Ferrymead estuary. They also give some dimension to the larger space.

Wallpaper with geometric pattern in green, white, black and grey hues

The other would be the striking wallpaper, chosen by Creative Director Andrew Pitts and his artist wife, Sarah (who, incidentally, put considerable time and energy into making this space practical as well as aesthetically pleasing). The wallpaper has drawn some feedback, both pro and ‘yet to be pro’ the intensity of the design. However, with all the furniture in and the space full of people, the design team is confident it’s the right fit.

View of a wall with an open door and a door-sized window. Wall has geometric-patterned wallpaper, in red, orange, grey, white, black hues

The wallpaper is made by Scion, and we have the Axis geometric design in green and pink. Sourced from the UK (because it’s too expensive here), the wallpaper adds a much-needed pop of colour and interest to a huge space that can certainly take a bold hit.

An office kitchen, with long table in the middle, a fruit bowl on it, three lights hanging above it.

Of course there are numerous gains beyond the simple addition of space and pleasing design choices. All staff now work out of the same open plan area, with capacity for privacy where required. We now have space to grow, and take on more cool people without sitting two to a desk or figuring out some kind of bunking-while-working system. All sorts of red flags avoided.

The space now works for us, instead of us trying to fit ourselves into the space. We hope the new digs will inspire more creativity, collaboration and inspired thinking. What’s more, it’s just nice to go to work somewhere comfortable, and really, really, really good looking.

Special thanks to Sarah Pitts, Ken Little, Garth Reid, and our landlords Jude and John Hayward.

We’re looking forward to showing off Unit 1, 21 Humphreys Drive, to all our visiting clients, guests and courier drivers.

Better living everyone! 

P.S: If you’re interested, here’s a list of our chosen contractors and fittings suppliers:

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