collaborate Bringing together your people and new ways of working
design Developing a deep understanding to reduce your risks
Two arrows in a circular pattern divided into two halves. The top half is align and design and the bottom half is software delivery.
develop Delivering modern, secure and scalable web applications
support Proactively maintaining and monitoring for your peace of mind
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Innovation is a popular buzzword. To many it’s a lightning strike, a eureka moment, the next amazing idea. It happens in an instant. The universe aligns and a problem is magically solved. We disagree.

We bring a logical approach to innovation. Using our tools and facilitation frameworks, we help partners by finding problems worth solving, setting up the structure, building the team, and supporting initial success so that partners can continue to innovate long after we are gone.

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3d illustration of a yellow road roller.
MyWorksites NZ Road Controlling Authorities
Usability testing session with a participant interracting with a mobile phone application.


Understand your domain and validate the problems you need to solve, to reduce risk and prioritise next steps.

This is the philosophy behind our design framework, a way of working that unpacks the long-term view while focusing on the everyday pain points of your customers and your staff.

The result? Quicker testing of ideas that get to the root of complex problems, giving you the confidence that your new solutions will work.

Our analysis and design teams are nationally renowned for their skills in user research and testing, interactive prototyping, and visual design. The Media Suite Design System is a foundation of our design framework that enables us to rapidly develop realistic prototypes to test solutions with users.

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3d icon depicting a water drop
Wells Aotearoa NZ Te Uru Kahika
Computer screen with programming code displayed


We use software to codify and scale the behaviour changes you need. With a focus on people our solutions are designed to make things easy for users.

We have decades of experience in software engineering so we know how to architect solutions to work inside complex digital ecosystems.

Many of our solutions are backed by our Media Suite Application Framework. This platform enables us to deliver web applications fast, while providing you with the flexibility that packaged solutions do not. Our platform and accompanying development processes are tried and tested, giving you the confidence that your digital solution will be secure over the long term.

The Media Suite Application Framework has a particular geospatial focus - making it easy for people to provide spatial data that provides richer context about how our land and environment is being used.

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A tractor fertilising a field with a spray unit on the back
Nitrogen cap (n-cap) Te Uru Kahika
Computer screen showing an support email inbox


Rather than a traditional 'build and support' model, our managed services model provides a 'build and improve' model. This allows us to collaborate with our partners, not only to build the right thing, but also to ensure it remains the right thing as needs evolve during the product's lifecycle.

Our managed services offering includes the management of infrastructure - proactive monitoring and maintenance, management and resolution of any infrastructure-related problems, and continual improvement of the infrastructure and corresponding security architecture and tools. It also includes Tier 2 and Tier 3 managed helpdesk support to ensure any application defects, incidents and problems are quickly addressed.

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A montage of a cat, dog, horse, rabbit and a parrot
Animal Register Companion Animals New Zealand