Building the right culture

It takes the right people to build the right thing.

We want our people to enjoy their work! Happy people are more productive and more likely to bring their A-game. So we do everything we can to build a healthy happy company culture. Although culture can’t be manufactured, it can be fostered.

We live by our values and structure our company accordingly, so our people enjoy coming to work and giving their best for the team. Media Suite’s culture is a collection of attitudes, beliefs, skills and tools that all work together around our central purpose - building the right thing.

Illustration of an adult and child riding a go-cart down a hill

Mindset over skillset

We are meticulous about hiring people with the right mindset. We know that the technical skills and subject matter familiarity can be developed, but the stuff our whanau should have taught us isn't easy to develop later in life. So, we hire and support people who are curious, clever, fun, open, friendly, flexible, accountable, hard-working and community-minded.

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Trust our people

We don't just build the right thing, we build trust too. Honesty, dependability and competence are critical elements of the psychological safety we develop within our company, as well as the partnerships we form with our clients. We operate in an open and accountable manner, admitting when we don't know something, asking for help when we need it, and keeping our commitments with proactive communication.

Illustration of a hamburger with each layer representing different aspects of development

Teaching and learning

We want our team to be the best it can be, always pushing ourselves and challenging each other to lift our game. We have committed training budget for all staff and we use it wisely. We dedicate Thursday lunchtimes to "learning lunches" where we share knowledge on whatever has got someone else excited recently. We value open and honest discussion, asking each other for help and learning from our mistakes as a team.

Unashamed geeks

Our minds are our most powerful tools. Software development is an ever changing landscape with new technologies, fads, functionality and pitfalls around every corner. It takes perseverance, curiosity and an astute mind to stay on top of our game and guide our clients toward good decisions. Luckily, Media Suite is full of unashamed geeks who take pride in delivering their best work. We are a team collectively committed to honing our craft.

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