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Forward Works Viewer

Media Suite partnered with North South GIS and Jacobs Engineering Group to deliver the Forward Works Viewer as part of The Canterbury Spatial Data Infrastructure projects being developed by Land Information New Zealand.

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North South GIS specialise in the implementation of ArcGIS, one of the core components of the Forward Works Solution.

Jacobs provided project leadership and specific domain knowledge, having been involved some of the early prototypes of the system.

Media Suite designed and developed the web application that allows users to view, analyse and update projects via a web interface.

Core functionality of the viewer includes:

Managing projects - via a web interface including the detailing of impacts.
Map viewer - which allows users to view projects in conjunction with relevant contextual data.
Time Slider - a set of controls that allows you to visualise projects and their impacts over time.
Clash detection - Detailing other projects that may clash with yours.
Opportunity detection - Detailing other projects that may present an opportunity for collaboration.
Advanced search - For detailed analysis of projects.
Importing of data - automatically imports and updates data from 3rd party systems.
Exporting of data - via a Web Feature Service (WFS Feed).


What was unique about the delivery was that the Agile methodology Scrum was chosen, adopted and largely driven by the client; LINZ. We believe this was one of the first times a government agency has adopted Scrum so wholeheartedly and built themselves into the process so fully. Everything from the supply agreement to delivery and application support has been centred around Scrum.

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